Rating: 5/5

Cress is the third book in Marissa Meyer’s Series, The Lunar Chronicles. In my opinion, it is the best one yet. Honestly, if you haven’t started reading this series, you need to do so ASAP.


In this book, a third fairy-tale spin-off is introduced into the plot. The Queen has a girl named Cress trapped in a satellite under the direct control of Thurmarage Sybil Mira. Enter the Rapunzel spin-off: Cress! Cress’ job is to cloak Lunar ships landing on Earth so they can land undetected. Cress takes pity on Cinder, Thorne, and the rest of the crew, and she cloaks their ship, which keeps them hidden from Earth and Luna. In the first book, it was Cress who contacted Cinder and warned her of the Lunar Queen’s plans. Cinder is unsure if she should try to get in contact with this girl again. She finally does in this book. When Cinder contacts Cress, the crew of the Rampion decide to save her.

Things go awry when Thurmarage Sybil shows up minutes before the Rampion is scheduled to arrive. I won’t go into much more detail, but just know Cress and Thorne are sent tumbling to Earth in the satellite and Scarlet is kidnapped and taken to Luna. Oddly enough a Lunar soldier ends up with Cinder and a badly wounded Wolf. They end taking their ship to Africa to meet Dr. Erland.

*Side note: I think it is interesting how authors take words, like Thaumaturge, and give them a slightly different meaning in their world.  Thaumaturge is a word derived from the Greek word, thaûma, which literally translates to “Miracle” in English.  In Marissa Meyer’s book, their strong ability to control minds makes them a Magician of sorts. However, they are definitely NOT performing miracles. In our world, the word Thaumaturge has a more positive connotation than in the world Marissa Meyer has created. I simply find things like this incredibly interesting to think about.*


I absolutely LOVED this book. If you have read my previous reviews, you know Scarlet was not completely satisfying for me. This book, however, completely makes up for that. There’s action, adventure, and amazing character development. The plot also moves along really well in this book. While I didn’t necessarily feel the pace of Scarlet was slow, I did feel like the plot was moving slowly. I often feel this way about the second book of a series, however.

Cress is the most princess-like of all the characters. Which, oddly enough, she isn’t a princess. Maybe her being trapped on a satellite is the cause of this. It is kind of annoying at times. I was impressed that she fought back after being kidnapped.

Jacin Clay, the Lunar soldier, is so unlikeable and unreliable in this book. Does his loyalty really lie with Cinder? Or does he have his own agenda? If you read they entire book, you will find out, however, don’t expect to like him at first (or ever possibly).

A character dies in this book. GASP! I wasn’t terribly saddened by this death (probably should have been), but I know a lot of people were. The character just wasn’t a favorite of mine. Actually, I found he/she rather annoying and selfish.

Overall (99.8%), a great read. Do not expect to have a social life or get any sleep if you decide to read this book.


Happy reading!


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